Every musician, all his projects and each of the sessions are unique. You put all your passion and energy, all your love and creativity into them. Every song is invaluable and unmistakable. Let's find out, where you're standing and what you need.

Would you like to produce a complete song here at stardustmedia?
Did you already prepare some ideas?
Is the arrangement done?
Is it just the finishing of your mix?
Is a 'simple' mix enough, or would you like a full fledged analog mix incl. lot of automation?
What is the track count?
Do we need to record instruments or vocals?
Are different versions of the mix needed, e.g. Instrumental?
Or do you just need a objective neutral consultant, e.g. mix or arrangement feedback?

So many questions. That's why it is difficult to calculate a price.

Please contact me via Email or phone, in order to give you your personal quote. We will define the price mutually per each project, so it fits perfectly your goals, requirements and budget.

If you have any question just contact me...

For each project you get 2 revisions. These are included in the price.
Within one revision, you send me your feedback and ask for changes.
stardustmedia reserves its right to bill by hour in case of misuse.

Depending on the project size, 20 - 50% have to be paid upfront.
No refunds on the prepayments.
The prepayment has to be done before the project starts.

Master files will be handed over, as soon as the whole payment is done.

No guaranteed longterm archiving of the session and audio files.

Late arrivals will be billed by hour.
For rescheduled session within 48 hours, stardustmedia reserves its right to bill
the planned hours up to 100% by its hourly rate.

Copyrights for song writing or help will be divided between the parties
according to the effort.

The bigger your project is, the bigger your discount gets.

If you have any question just contact me...